Four arrested after gun store burglary


Police arrested a man and three boys who allegedly broke into a gun store in Milpitas early Tuesday morning, a police lieutenant said.

Around 2 a.m., a sergeant starting his shift heard an audible alarm coming from a business on Minnis Circle and went to investigate, Milpitas police Lt. Raj Maharaj said.

The sergeant saw someone come down from the roof of the building and run to a car, which sped away. A second officer had responded to the scene and took two people in the car into custody, Maharaj said.

The sergeant stayed and talked to a suspect still inside the business, Target Masters West, a gun store at 122 Minnis Circle. The suspect was armed but dropped the firearm at the order of the sergeant, according to Maharaj.

The doors to the business were locked so the suspect couldn’t get out and police initially weren’t able to get inside, he said.

Meanwhile, investigators learned of a possible fourth suspect and caught him in the area of North Milpitas Boulevard and Abel Street after he climbed over a 10-foot wall and ran along nearby train tracks, Maharaj said.

With the help of the business owner, police were eventually able to get into the gun store and arrested the suspect inside there without incident sometime before 6 a.m., according to Maharaj.

No other information was immediately available about the adult or juvenile suspects.

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