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CHP seeks driver doing daytime donuts on Bay Bridge

California Highway Patrol officers are trying to identify the driver of a car that was filmed performing donuts and spinouts on the Bay Bridge on Saturday, a CHP spokesman said today.

Officers responded at 12:45 p.m. to a report that the car was doing donuts and spinouts in the westbound lanes of the bridge, west of Treasure Island, CHP spokesman Officer Vu Williams said.

Williams said the witness reported a pickup truck was trailing the car, apparently filming the stunt. A video later surfaced on Instagram showing a white car weaving across three lanes of the bridge with smoke billowing from the car’s wheels.

The caption on an Instagram post by @adrianx650x boasts that it:

“… only took 4 cars to shut (expletive) down.”

Several officers responded to the scene immediately following the report, Williams said, but the officers couldn’t locate the cars in question.

“There’s no (identification) on the driver, and we couldn’t see the license plate on the vehicle at all,” Williams said. “We looked into it, but at this point, there’s not much more we can do.” Williams said the behavior is concerning because it represents a safety hazard to both the occupants of the vehicle and other commuters on the bridge.

“We take these sideshows seriously anywhere, but particularly on bridges,” Williams said. “It’s a real danger to the participants and to passersby trying to commute back and forth.”

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