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Valley Fire smoke triggers air advisory

Napa County officials Sunday are warning residents in the north part of the county that smoke from the Valley Fire may be a health hazard.

Some areas may have high concentrations of smoke for several hours, officials with the county’s health and human services agency said.

The concentration of smoke can vary by location, weather and distance from the fire, the officials said.

Anyone who sees, tastes or feels smoke should minimize outdoor activities, according to health agency officials.

Smoke from the wildfire contains harmful chemicals and can irritate the eyes and throat and cause coughing and breathing difficulties, the officials said.

The health officials said people with a respiratory disease, people with heart disease, young children and seniors are at greater risk of illness from the smoke.

The officials offered some suggestions to stay healthy during the smoke event including stopping or minimizing outdoor activities, staying indoors as much as possible with the windows and doors closed, using the re-circulate or recycle setting on an air conditioner and avoid creating indoor pollution by frying or smoking food.

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