Hazardous waste dumped by office building


A property owner will probably avoid legal charges but may be cited for code violations after fire officials found hazardous waste at an office building in Richmond Thursday, fire officials said.

A hazardous materials team responded at about 2 p.m. to the building at 2913 Ohio Ave. after receiving many calls about blight, the officials said.

The team found discarded car batteries, a number of plastic tanks with liquid waste inside and other hazardous material, according to the fire department.

Storing hazardous materials violates city regulations and state law, depending on the level of material stored.

A fire official said the team found code enforcement violations but also found the level of hazardous material was under the threshold that would prompt legal charges.

The officials said they mainly want to make sure hazardous materials are disposed of and disposed of properly. The officials said property owners typically receive a reasonable amount of time to clean up before being cited.

Fire officials said hazardous waste poses a risk to public health and safety. The building is adjacent to a pedestrian and bicycle path called the Richmond Greenway Trail.

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