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Suspect shot by police near SFO released from hospital

A man shot by police last month after allegedly crashing a stolen vehicle near San Francisco International Airport and attempting several carjackings while trying to escape is out of the hospital and was arraigned Friday in Redwood City, prosecutors said Monday.

Daniel Frederick, 24, spent three days in the hospital recovering after he was shot in the abdomen by San Francisco police on the morning of July 26, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

Frederick allegedly stole a Toyota Yaris from the Millbrae BART station at about 6:50 a.m., prosecutors said. San Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr said last week that the car’s owner had parked it there while she was running the San Francisco Marathon.

A short time later, Frederick crashed the car into a light pole on South Airport Boulevard near the North Access Road to the airport. He walked away from the crash and hid nearby, removing his jacket. He emerged wearing a yellow T-shirt, Suhr said.

A motorcycle officer spotted Frederick and stopped to talk to him for a few minutes, Suhr said. He ordered to Frederick to put down a backpack he was carrying, but instead Frederick ran west on San Bruno Avenue.

He allegedly jumped into a car stopped at a stoplight nearby and threatened the driver, ordering him to drive away. The motorcycle officer caught up and, thinking the driver might be an accomplice, ordered him at gunpoint not to go anywhere. The driver put his hands up and refused to help the suspect escape, Suhr said.

Frederick ran from the car, taking the victim’s backpack with him.

He fled down a dirt road and hid in some bushes along a frontage road near U.S. Highway 101, Suhr said.

Several other officers caught up with Frederick in the bushes and ordered him out. Eventually he left the bushes and tried to get into several other cars along the frontage road but was unsuccessful, according to Suhr.

An officer again ordered him to stop at gunpoint. Frederick allegedly turned toward the officer and started approaching him. The officer fired one shot but missed, Suhr said.

Frederick kept coming at him, approaching to within 6 feet. Other officers nearby heard him saying “shoot me” as he approached, Suhr said.

The officer fired again, striking Frederick in the abdomen.

Prosecutors charged Frederick with attempted carjacking, attempted kidnapping, second-degree robbery, vehicle theft, receipt of stolen property, resisting a police officer and hit-and-run. He was assigned an attorney and is due to return to court to enter a plea this Friday.

He remains in jail on $750,000 bail, prosecutors said.

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