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Hayward police officer killed during traffic stop

A Hayward police officer was shot and killed early Wednesday morning at the intersection of Lion and Myrtle Streets near downtown Hayward.

Hayward police Sgt. Scott Lunger, a 15-year veteran of the department, was conducting what the department called a routine traffic stop when the driver opened fire, killing Lunger.

UPDATE 8:21 p.m. Suspect held in fatal shooting of Hayward officer.

Capt. Mark Koller said at a news conference that Lunger was shot “without warning” as he approached the driver’s side of the truck, Koller said.

A statement released on the department’s Facebook page said:

“The loss is obviously devastating to Sergeant Lunger’s family, and it is also a blow to HPD and the entire Hayward Community. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.”

Lunger was taken to Eden Medical Center in Hayward, where he later died after hundreds of police officers had gathered there.

A motorcade along with aerial police units took Lunger’s body through Hayward via Lake Chabot Road shortly before 10 a.m. and onto I-580, where they exited at 106th Avenue.

Police officers on the scene of Myrtle and Lion streets were reluctant to give any information regarding the details surrounding the stop.

Koller said:

“(Lunger was) a very well-liked, very well-respected sergeant police officer, loved his job, he was always out there, eager to get involved. He was engaged in the community from the start. He was a very, very good friend of mine. It’s a tremendous loss to myself and to our organization and to our community.”

Hayward Police didn’t officially confirm that Sgt. Lunger had passed away until 9 a.m., but the hundreds of officers who began showing up at Eden Medical Center around 6 a.m. signaled Lunger’s wounds were likely fatal.

The procession of vehicles that followed the coroner’s van carrying Lunger were greeted by saluting officers on freeway overpasses and near a California Highway Patrol station just off of I-580.

A white pickup truck that was riddled with bullet holes was discovered in Oakland in the Sobrante Park neighborhood of Oakland at 98th and Edes Avenues, SFGate reported. It was reportedly registered to 22-year-old Mark Estrada of Oakland, who sought medical attention at San Leandro Hospital before being transferred to Highland Hospital in Oakland.

A brief transcript of police radio communication published by SFGate includes a description of the suspect vehicle that matches up with the pickup found in Oakland.

Police on the scene an investigation is ongoing, and have refused to issue further details beyond the death of their fallen comrade.

Koller said:

“He loved this job and did it eagerly. It’s a tragedy that someone has done this.”

Bay City News contributed information to this report.

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