Gas prices dip 16 cents in Bay Area


Gas prices are down in California and the Bay Area due to increased imports after a spike last month, according to a price survey released by the American Automobile Association Tuesday.

The average gas price in California dropped 14 cents this month to $3.59 a gallon, and even further in Northern California and in the Bay Area, where prices declined 16 cents to $3.46 and $3.53 a gallon, respectively, the survey found.

AAA spokeswoman Cynthia Harris said in a statement:

“Prices on the West Coast are stabilizing due to a surge in imports that have helped to offset supply issues stemming from refinery problems.”

State prices remain higher than the national average, which fell 9 cents to $2.75 a gallon this month.

The lowest gas prices in the Bay Area this month were found in Concord, with an average of $3.41 per gallon, and the highest in San Francisco, at $3.66 a gallon. The greatest decrease occurred in San Rafael, where prices fell 20 cents to $3.58 a gallon.

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