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Vallejo green lights new pot dispensaries

The city of Vallejo will be taking applications from entrepreneurs looking to open medical marijuana dispensaries this summer after the city council adopted an ordinance earlier this week allowing four such dispensaries to operate in city limits, according to city staff.

Dispensaries will be selected through an application process that will be announced by the end of June. The deadline for application will be sometime in late July, according to city staff.

Vallejo’s chief of police will review the applications, and extra points will be awarded for proposed dispensaries that are distant from schools.

The city’s requirements are intended to ensure that dispensary personnel do not have criminal records, that they are only distributing marijuana to dispensary members and that the premises and operations are safe and secure.

Applicants who receive permits to open a dispensary will have to adhere to local land-use regulations, according to city staff and officials will look to make sure their locations are not concentrated in too small an area.

City officials plan to issue the permits in August and hope the dispensaries will be up and running by the end of the year.

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