Pier 39 sea lions ring in 23 years of howling


The City’s famous Pier 39 sea lions are celebrating their 23rd anniversary this month. Yes, that’s 23 long years of barking, splashing, and squawking at each other. And, surprisingly, tourists still seem to love it.

While 23 years may not be a long time in the scheme of historic Bay Area attractions, it’s hard to imagine the pier without these noisy creatures. It’s not entirely clear why the sea lions have made Pier 39 their home, but some suggest they migrated from the water near the Cliff House after the 1989 earthquake.

Fisherman’s Wharf has benefited from the sea lions which attract tourists who come to snap pictures of the animals and even take tours to see the spectacle up close and personal.

The sea lions even have their own Yelp page where users can check in. While it has an overall whopping 4.5 stars, the jury’s still out on if the sea lions really are that exciting.

Stockton resident Eric N. gave the spot five stars and said:

“I really have no idea why these specific sea lions choose to hang out here, but its a total treat.  Its like watching a taping of the Jerry Springer show but with ocean going creatures.”

While Kelly Z. was visiting from Atlanta and gave it one star. She kept it short and sweet by saying:

“I hated the sea lions. They smell.”

Regardless of how you feel about the sea lions, they are here to stay. If you can’t make it down to the pier to celebrate their anniversary, you can always spy on them via their webcam.

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