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Oakland, you’ve been hacked

In an apparent retaliation against the Oakland Police Department’s acts of brutality against Occupy protesters, hacker group Anonymous has posted online the contact details of several Oakland officials.

The statement listed personal details including government employees’ home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and names of immediate family members.

So if you want to call Mayor Jean Quan, Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana, or any of the Oakland City Council members, Anonymous took care of all the dirty work for you.

The statement reflected the hacker group’s anger towards Oakland police’s recent actions and calls the city’s actions into question:

“Anonymous has been watching. Since the inception of Occupy Oakland, We have been actively monitoring your behavior, and exposing the identities and sensitive information of Officers of the Oakland Police Department; as they have continued to act in an unprofessional and violent manner. You tear gassed Us. You shot Us with your weapons.”

This isn’t the first time Anonymous has gotten involved with Occupy Oakland. In November 2011, Oakland police’s injured an Iraq war veteran who was participating in the protest. In a counterattack Anonymous hacked into the police’s networks and published officer information online.

Since the inception of Occupy Wall Street, Anonymous has openly supported the movement.

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