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Health, Your Way!

Explanation of Our Systems

                We have 2 different systems we use to keep track of you as you go through the process of becoming a customer.  Please find the specific areas with headings below to explain each system briefly.  Please remember these are not in order.


                Our CMS is a very simple web site.  However, it looks very nice and for the most part is very accessible.  This is what you’re on if your reading this information.


                Our process for paying is by invoice.  As stated on an earlier page, you may choose the package you want and then we’ll bill you however you wish.  All correspondence will be electronic. 

Project Management

                Our project management system is also our Health Portal System.  Here is where you ask for appointments, you will have your own username and password, documentation and so much more.  Please remember that if there are any accessible issues please send those to the Webmaster.